Iowa Low Income Home and Energy Assistance


If you need assistance with your utility bills, you may qualify for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Households that meet the financial requirements may be provided payment assistance. Clients who already have an account with their local community action agency may be eligible to apply online through the Client Portal by clicking the "Apply Online" button below. If you do not already have a relationship with your local agency, click here for a list of agencies that may service your area.

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Utility vendors need to be made aware of LIHEAP applications as quickly as possible. Maintaining a thorough and timely list of clients ensures homes are serviced quickly and with the least amount of difficulty for both vendors and clients. The Client Portal provides vendors with notifications for moratorium protection, assists in keeping track of applications for clients they service, and supplies tools for updating those client accounts.

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Program Manager

LIHEAP program managers are responsible for assisting low-income families in gaining access to the assistance they need. The Client Portal is a tool agencies can use to reach clients with mobility or transportation issues, clients who struggle to find the time in their schedules to come to an agency location, or clients who are on the go trying to provide for their families. Program managers may take LIHEAP applications, track those applications, generate state-wide LIHEAP reports, request client documentation, and so much more—all done remotely and with total security.

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